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2010 Conference West Tour

One of the events that people look forward to at the LHA Conference are the bus tours. One practice that is helpful for those providing lunches along the way is to split the group into two halves, and send part of the group in one direction while the other group heads the other direction. On the second day of the bus tours, everybody switches and takes the other route. These are places that people visited for the West Tour:


The Only Statue of Lincoln Dressed as a Soldier

The Beautiful Rock River in Dixon (which looks great, even on a cloudy day)


de Immigrant Windmill along the Mississippi River in Fulton

Dutch Windmill in Fulton, Illinois
Information about the Windmill on the Illinois Windmills Web site

Mississippi River in Fulton
Iowa and the Mississippi River as seen from the Fulton side

bridge in Fulton
A bridge spans the Mississippi River from Fulton, Illinois to Clinton, Iowa

Image of tour bus
Our Scenic Stage Line bus awaits the tour group in Fulton,
next to the newly opened museum across the street from the Windmill,
and followed by a member's vintage automobile


One of the many murals in Sterling throughout the city


Mural in Morrison


One special feature of the bus tours was a trip on the beautiful Rock River aboard the Pride of Oregon paddle wheeler. Although not on the Lincoln Highway directly, travelers in the past (and today) often took the short drive north along Route 2 to visit the Eternal Indian, parks, and other amenities offered in Oregon. Oregon's ties to the Lincoln Highway include Jens Jensen, the visionary of the Ideal Section as well as the designer of some parks in towns along the Lincoln Highway.

Image of the Eternal Indian statue
Artist Lorado Taft's sculpture, the Eternal Indian, overlooks the Rock River

People getting off the paddlewheel boat
Our group disembarks the Pride of Oregon paddle wheel boat

Unique state of Lincoln and Black Hawk in Oregon

For more about sculptures of Black Hawk, Lincoln, and many others in Oregon,
please watch WGN 9's short clip:

By Membership Request, we stopped at the John Deere Historic Site in Grand Detour,
which is on Route 2 between Dixon and Oregon.

Archaeological site of John Deere blacksmith shop
Years ago, a team of archaeology students from the University of Illinois conducted a dig at the site of the original John Deere blacksmith shop. As they uncovered objects, they left the area in place, so future generations could see how they did their work in the ground.

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