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Travel and Members' Vehicle Photos

Wayne and Esther Silvius with their Ford
Your Illinois Chapter President Wayne Silvius with his wife, Esther, and his prize-winning car
Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center parking lot, Northern Illinois University

Bill Gellert's 1950 Plymouth
Bill Gellert's 1950 Plymouth
Read stories and more photos kindly provided by Helen Montgomery
about Bill's car and their travels by clicking here!

Black Model T, the Ten Millionth made
Dr. Alan Hathaway of Davenport, IA, owns the Ten Millionth Ford Model T ever made. In June of 1999, he drove it across the country from New York to San Francisco on the Lincoln Highway, stopping at the Ford Stamping Plant in Chicago Heights, IL, which is located on Route 30 or the second generation Lincoln Highway. With this tour, he celebrated the Diamond Anniversary of his 1924 Ford. He was in Chicago Heights on June 10 and arrived in San Francisco on June 19.

- - Contribued by Illinois Board Member Cynthia Ogorek

Black Model T, the Ten Millionth made
Dr. Hathaway kindly brought his very special Model T to the
2006 Lincoln Highway Association National Conference held at
Coe College in Cedar Rapids.

Black Model T, the Ten Millionth made

1988 Cream-colored Jaguar
Your Illinois Chapter State Director Kay Shelton's 1988 Jaguar XJS

1988 Cream-colored Jaguar side view at the DeKalb 150th Parade
The Jaguar wearing its parade 'clothes' waiting for the start of the City of DeKalb's
Sesquicentennial Parade, October 21, 2006

1988 Cream-colored Jaguar front end at the DeKalb 150th Parade

1988 Jaguar engine
Twelve cylinders and electrical by the 'Prince of Darkness' . . . Lucas

Beautiful 1934 Buick
A Beautiful 1934 Buick Series 61 4-Door Sedan (License Plate OLDRNME)
Owned by Ohio Chapter members Bob and Diana Evans
2003 Lincoln Highway Anniversary Cross Country Tour
Cortland, Illinois

Another angle of a 1934 Buick

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All photos by Kay Shelton unless otherwise noted.