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Other Books

There are dozens of different books about the Lincoln Highway. Additionally, there are books about travelers who took earlier routes which later became the Lincoln Highway. Below is a list of some of the books about the Lincoln Highway. This list is not comprehensive. You are welcome to write a summary of your favorite Lincoln Highway book for possible inclusion here, send it to:

Cynthia Ogorek's The Lincoln Highway Around Chicago. Click here to see a PDF of the cover!

Books About the Early Days

Alice's Drive by Alice Huyler Ramsey (first published in 1961) republished by the Patrice Press in Tuscon in 2005 is her travel story as she becomes the first woman to drive across the United States in 1909. She drove a car for the Maxwell car company for publicity and much of the route she took became the Lincoln Highway just a few years later. In this book, author Gregory M. Franzwa includes extensive annotations providing background information enhancing Alice's travel diaries in a section called "Chasing Alice." In 2009, there is a plan for a woman named Emily Anderson to re-create Alice's drive in a restored Maxwell car and drive from New York to California.

Coast to Coast with Alice by Patricia Rusch Hyatt published in 1995 in Minneapolis by Carolrhoda Books is about Alice's drive written for a younger audience. Pictures taken along the 1909 drive help give readers an idea what the land looked like complete with Alice's car being used to pull another car out of a hole and muddy, unpaved roads.

Alice's drive is also chronicled in the book "A Reliable Car and a Woman Who Knows It" The First Coast-to-Coast Auto Trips by Women, 1899-1916 by Curt McConnell published in 2000 in Jefferson, North Carolina by McFarland & Company. Readers may enjoy reading the wild stories of "Hollywood" Paramount actress Anita King driving cross country, too.

American Road: The Story of an Epic Transcontinental Journal at the Dawn of the Motor Age by Pete Davies published in 2002 in New York by Henry Holt details the first Army convoy from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco. A young soldier named Dwight Eisenhower happened to be in the convoy as it crossed the United States on the Lincoln Highway. The trip was often a miserable one, with the heavy Army vehicles becoming stuck in the mud, often pulled out by the soldiers with ropes.

Books About the Present (and the Past)

Traveling the . . . Historic Three: Lincoln Highway, Dixie Highway, Route 66, published in 2007 by John and Lenore Weiss. Published in Wilmington, Ill. by Historic 66 A.O. Motivation Programs. This driving tour book contains 74 pages and 66 photographs with detailed directions on what to see and how to get there for a cost of $9.95 + $.65 tax for Illinois residents, and $4.60 postage and handling. Orders: John & Lenore Weiss, P.O. Box 616, Wilmington, IL 60481, or at the Gift Shop of the Joliet Area Historical Museum.

Drake Hokanson's The Lincoln Highway: Main Street across America published in 1989 and again in 1999 as a Tenth Anniversary edition in Iowa City by the University of Iowa Press provides an excellent and thorough introduction to the history of the Lincoln Highway. Hokanson included both historic and modern pictures throughout to give the reader a sense of the past and the present.

Greetings from the Lincoln Highway: America's First Coast-to-Coast Road by Brian Butko published in 2005 in Mechanicsburg, PA by Stackpole Books also provides a thorough introduction to the route of the Lincoln Highway. After an introduction to the history of the Lincoln Highway, Butko provides a detailed state-by-state look at the past and present of the Highway as it travels from east to west. Butko's book includes full-color maps of each state and he mentions every city linked by the Highway. Because of that, readers living along the Lincoln Highway will probably find their town mentioned and be able to have a sense of how it fits in with the rest of the road. Readers wanting information about the Lincoln Highway route itself should start with this book. Those desiring historical information about the road should read the Hokanson book first.

Image of an ad for Brian Butko's book

For detailed information about the Lincoln Highway as it passes through each state, there is a series of books published by the Patrice Press called The Lincoln Highway. Each volume in the series includes a historical description of the road complimented by historical and modern pictures. The last section in each volume is comprised of dozens and dozens of United States Geological Survey (USGS) 7.5-minute quadrangle maps with the Lincoln Highway's route clearly indicated and marked on each page. So far, the volumes published are:

Iowa: Vol. 1 by Gregory M. Franzwa
Nebraska: Vol. 2 by Gregory M. Franzwa
Wyoming: Vol. 3 by Gregory M. Franzwa
Utah: Vol. 4 by Gregory M. Franzwa and Jesse G. Petersen
Nevada: Vol. 5 by Gregory M. Franzwa and Jesse G. Petersen
California: Vol. 6 by Gregory M. Franzwa

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