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In Memory

On April 8th of 2007, the Illinois Chapter lost its Webmaster, Tara Dirst, following a traffic accident on a snowy day in March. Most of the members never had a chance to meet Tara. Her work at Northern Illinois University received a national award, unfortunately after her passing. Tara left behind a husband, Kevin Sommerfield, and a little girl, Kiera.

On the second Thursday of February in 2008, tragedy again came to the Lincoln Highway as the campus of Northern Illinois University lies along the route in DeKalb. A former student opened fire in a large auditorium classroom in Cole Hall, killing five students and injuring eighteen others, then he took his own life.

We offer condolences to all of the family and friends who lost loved ones in these events, and offer get well wishes to the injured.

You will not be forgotten.