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2010 Conference East Tour

Here are some of the places we visited on the East Tour:


Joliet Area Historical Museum


Lincoln Highway and Route 66 Join Here


Restored Philips Park, Photo from Ruth Frantz on Its Re-dedication

Image of Philips Park
Here is Philips Park in Aurora, as seen on the day of the Conference

Image of the LaSalle Auto Row Sign
Thanks to some heroic efforts, the LaSalle Street Auto Row area in Aurora is undergoing preservation and a revival. This area in the past had a concentrated area of automobile showrooms. We stopped at an old garage that featured fireproofing and an elevator for autos, both remarkable achievements for the time of the building's construction.

Image of the LaSalle Auto Row
Aurora of the past was known for having electric street lights that pre-date the Lincoln Highway, earning it the nickname, "City of Lights." This vintage-looking street light holds new banners which mark the LaSalle Street Auto Row.

Image of a Panel Truck from 1922
A 1922 Chrysler Panel Truck inside the garage

Detail of the 1922 truck
Front of the 1922 Chrysler Panel Truck

Al Capone Car
Al Capone once owned this car. There are patched bullet holes in the back.

Al Capone Car
During our tour, newpaper reporters and photographers were on hand for stories about the LaSalle Street Auto Row and the Al Capone car. Maria Zanis, dressed in period clothing, stands on the roof during a demonstration of the car's features.

Lunch on LaSalle Street
Lunch in a clean garage surrounded by vintage vehicles--
another Lincoln Highway Association Conference tradition!


The tour bus passed Mary Todd Lincoln's temporary 'home' of Bellevue Place, which is privately owned. The Batavia Historical Society has more information about Mrs. Lincoln's stay in Batavia.


The tour bus passed several restored buildings, such as an old gas station that is now a garden shop, the Geneva History Center, and the old courthouse. Geneva has many arts and crafts shops, including the Little Traveler, where many Lincoln Highway travelers stopped by in the past (and today). The sidewalk near the Geneva History Center has a historical marker for the Lincoln Highway engraved in pink.


The group took a tour inside the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb, built in 1929. Some stopped in the Confectionary, a candy shop that features candy made by hand on site and some walked around to the corner of Lincoln Highway and North First Street, to take pictures of the Annie Glidden mural which features an image of the old brick gate that used to greet travelers along the Lincoln Highway.

Egyptian Theatre, Now Over 80 Years Old


This sign along Lincoln Highway just west of Malta indicates where the Seedling Mile started. A seedling mile along the Lincoln Highway was meant to show people of the time the features of a concrete road, a significant improvement over ruts in the mud! The Lincoln Highway Association gathered donations and local volunteers to construct seedling miles in strategic places along the road.

Another image of the Gazebo at Kish College
The bus stopped at the Seedling Mile historical marker and Lincoln Highway Coalition gazebo on the campus of Kishwaukee College.

Taking photos of the historical marker
Another Lincoln Highway Association conference tradition--photograph everything!
This is an historical marker for the Seedling Mile--honor students at Kishwaukee College took on having the marker placed there as a group project several years ago.

Gazebo at Kish College
This is me, weighted down with cameras and the tour bus script.


Historic Photo of Fountain Immortalized in Sign
Hobo Redbird Express showed people where the fountain stood in Creston, still visible by an abandoned pipe along the curb in front of the building that hosts the mural, on the side that faces Headon's Meats


The tour passed the restored Standard Station


Sign Greeting Visitors to Ashton

Original Lincoln Highway (Called Track Road)
The tour did not take Track Road or the original Lincoln Highway route zig zagging through downtown Ashton due to a severe thunderstorm which blew down tree limbs and spawned tornadoes elsewhere in Illinois.

Franklin Grove

Your Lincoln Highway Association National Tourism Headquarters
The driving rainstorm stopped as the bus entered Franklin Grove,
so the group did get off the bus for a visit in Headquaters.
Many folks took their own better pictures than this blurry photo!

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